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We are R3VOLVE HAITI Studios by the Rapino Foundation. Together, we are an artist development house with a powerful community mission. Our focus is on nurturing the talents of vulnerable musicians, filmmakers, artists, and creators from parts of the world where survival takes precedence over creativity and turning those individuals into pillars in their communities.

We firmly believe that artists are born with an innate need to create and to be an agent of change for good, irrespective of their backgrounds, circumstances or the challenges they face. Our purpose is to provide a economic security for these individuals, offering them the support, guidance and resources they need to thrive.


At R3VOLVE, we understand that the world’s most talented artists often find themselves at risk due to war, political instability, natural disasters, or economic stressors. But we refuse to let their art be lost to these harsh realities. We stand firm in our commitment to protecting and nurturing their creative potential.

With your support, we can provide crucial financial assistance, artist services, and guidance, ensuring that these gifted individuals have the opportunity to fulfill their creative dreams. We know that dreaming is a luxury that demands sweat, determination, and courage, and we are here to empower these artists to pursue their passions despite the odds, serve their communities and mentor the next generation of artists.

Joining us in this daring endeavor means embracing the power of art to shape, feed, move, and heal us all. Together, we challenge the world’s skepticism and naysayers, daring to dream when others question, “What’s the point?”

At R3VOLVE HAITI Studios, we believe that art transcends borders and circumstances. We are united in our dedication to preserving and celebrating the universal language of creativity. Together R3VOLVE Studios by The Rapino Foundation and all those who share our vision, we pave the way for a world where artistic expression knows no bounds

– Jolene Rapino

previous relief work

Sustainable Lunch Program

At the heart of our rural mountain school in Haiti lies a profound belief: every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves the chance to flourish. Our proposed lunch program isn’t just about feeding bodies—it’s about nourishing souls, fueling dreams, and weaving a tapestry of community resilience and hope.

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