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Piere Paul: The Unsung Hero Pioneering Agricultural Advancements in Rural Haiti

Displaced Persons

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Holiday Gifts

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Internet cafe

Internet cafe Bridging Digital Divides: The Rapino Foundation and ANC AF NEG COMBITE Join Forces

Kids Camp

Nurturing Dreams and Celebrating Heritage at the Mountain Ecological Kids Camp

Mountain School

Education as the Key to Transformation: The Story of Nan Panyol School Supported by The Rapino Foundation

Teacher Salaries

Transforming Lives Through Education: Sponsor a Teacher with the Rapino Foundation

previous relief work

Sustainable Lunch Program

At the heart of our rural mountain school in Haiti lies a profound belief: every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves the chance to flourish. Our proposed lunch program isn’t just about feeding bodies—it’s about nourishing souls, fueling dreams, and weaving a tapestry of community resilience and hope.

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relief work

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At R3VOLVE, we understand that the world’s most talented artists often find themselves at risk due to war, political instability, natural disasters, or economic stressors. But we refuse to let their art be lost to these harsh realities. We stand firm in our commitment to protecting and nurturing their creative potential.